Reverse Phone Lookup

Use Reverse Phone Lookup To Deter Criminals

Reverse phone lookup is an effective way to find out information about who's calling your phone. In times when repeated phone calls are unwanted, reverse phone lookup provides a way to get the exact location of the phone number itself. If a phone call originates in Tallahassee, Florida, with a reverse phone lookup service, you'd see the exact address from where the Florida phone call originated from. However, reverse phone lookup isn't always accurate. For example, with a pre-paid cell phone, someone can easily register a fake address to the cell phone itself, making it seem like a specific person or registered address is the actual owner, when in fact it's not. Criminals often use pre-paid cell phone services to try and acquire your financial details or whereabouts, and through having access to reverse phone lookup, it forces them to register a fraudulent address. They go through the steps of this fraudelent cell phone identity registration process often, and authorities are alerted to the suspicious registration behaviors as soon as they happen. Law enforcement/Police know that when a criminal registers a fake address to a prepaid cell phone, they're doing so because they don't have any other choice, and the fraudulent pre-paid cell phone registration process provides authorities with a way to "catch them in the act".

About Reverse Phone Lookup Legal Issues

If you've ever wondered where pages displaying reverse phone lookup services get their databases of names and addresses from, we've got the answer. Reverse phone lookup services pull their information from fresh listings signed up with T-Mobile, AT&T, Verizon, public city information, and more. Because many people pay to subscribe to reverse phone lookup services, these companies always have fresh, up to date information. The importance of reverse phone lookup directories being up to date is a big issue these days. One day, a specific number could be registered to a specific person, but a short time after, the same number could be disconnected and "picked up" by a criminal or pretty much anyone in general. The danger lies in the possible misidentification of who the actual registrant of the phone number is at the moment a positive ID is required. Criminals can be crafty and plan a crime spree using time as leverage, as well as their false registration information as a way to try and outsmart law enforcement. Sometimes reverse phone lookup isn't as simple as it looks, and the registered address and the names thought up to be used might be part of a larger "thought based" scheme. "Thought" participants attempt to outsmart law enforcement, and the chase is on. You can use FreeNumberLookup.Net to get the name, phone number, and physical address of people calling you. You can also see whether other people have reported the same number calling other people's phones too, in the review section!